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Foot Massage

Boost vitality with this relaxing massage for your feet, legs and ankles. Reduces swelling, burning and cramping. Excellent for post travel and elderly.

Time Spend : 60 minutes – 120 minutes

Thai Traditional Full Body Massage

An ancient Thai massage technique using stretching and pressure along the body’s energy pathways to release muscle tension, stimulate blood flow, and restore energy and balance. It is also well known as one of the Ancient Thai healing tradition methods that promotes better blood circulation and strengthened our heart, liver, and kidneys; and total well-being. Specially created for couples and working adults.

Time Spend : 60 mins – 120 minutes

Thai Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

Brings together elements of Thai Reflexology with the therapeutic qualities of oriental aromatic essential oils to strengthen the body’s vital energy, resulting in renewed spirits and wellness. This therapeutic soft tissue manipulation technique also helps to ease muscular tension and stress while providing deep relaxation and a sense of renewal. Best treatment for jetlag and insomnia.

Time Spend : 60 minutes – 120 minutes

Balinese Traditional Full Body Massage

A gentle and relaxation full body massage, including skin rolling, kneading and stroking, and minimum pressure-point stimulation, combined with the aromas of essential oils. Continuous rolling and stroking on your skins to make you feel warm and relax. Thus this will ease for deep sleep and relaxation.

Time Spend : 60 minutes – 120 minutes

Hot Stone Treatment Full Body Massage

CHI healing stones combine all the benefits of gliding massage strokes to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment to your body. This increases circulation, releases built-up toxins, and heals and restores balance to the body and nervous system.

Time Spend : 120 minutes

Facial Treatment (COMING SOON) :

  1. Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep-cleansing, exfoliation (with a gentle, lactic acid peel), extraction, purifying plant extracts, and a soothing mask to calm and clarify the skin.

  • Brightening Facial

It lightens hyper-pigmentation and age spots, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes most stretch marks, and reduces the effects of sun damage and acne scarring.

  • Soothing Facial

Exfoliation, extraction, purifying plant extracts, and a soothing mask to calm and clarify the skin.

  • Milky Facial

Incorporates a collagen crystal mask which helps to metabolize facial cells, eliminate melanin, inhibit formation of skin pigment, and condition the skin while moisturizing and reducing wrinkles.

All the facial treatment above infused with complementary ROE extract, marine DNA, collagen, quince extract, CoQ10, and sodium hyaluronate, it’ll leave your skin feeling firm.

Time Spend : 120 mins